Ik voel heel veel en soms schrijf ik dat hier en dat is dan vooral om te schreeuwen en lekker vaag te doen want ik ga echt niet heel internet precies uitleggen wat ik voel hoor. Al doe ik dat dus wel. Maar dan op zo'n vervelende vage manier dus eigenlijk is deze tumblr stom. Veel plezier met lezen. (Oh en soms zijn er plaatjes en gifs van dingen waar ik verliefd op ben hier te vinden)

the story about how the ultimate fuckyeah moment became the ultimate fuuu moment

I had a bottle of coke, with not thát much in it.. but still quite a lot

and I had a glass.

I started pouring the coke in the glass, and when I realized I could possibly fill the whole glass, and empty the bottle; I was like

to my great joy it was literally the LAST drop that fit in the glass. Any more coke and it would have spilled all over it so I was extremely happy and all like fuckyeah

I took a photo perfectly capturing the empty bottle and full glass and it was perfect

I drank from my coke, without spilling which is quite something as well, and it tasted so good, probably because of this victory

so then I tried to upload the photo.. but when I wanted to take out the memory card to put it in the computer and upload the best photo ever,

I saw the card wasn’t in there..

and I was like

I’m not gonna lie, it really upset me.

it was SO perfect.


sad times..

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